About the new album
'Light Like a Feather'

We are very proud to announce the launch of Esthavida's first album on 07.11.17.

The album is freely improvised and composed by Esthavida.

In July 2017, in the duration of only 1,5 days, all the spontaneous live tracks were recorded by Aliud Records at Muziekcentrum Enschede, NL.

‘Light Like a Feather’ presents an individualised musical signature of Esthavida. It includes various songs, such as 'La danse du papillon', 'Open your heart' , a meditative trilogy of 'Meditation at the Sea', as well as expressive temperamental pieces, like 'Wake up' and the high intensity piece 'Darkest night'. Some songs are combined with cello (Ardie Son), clarinet (Andre Kerver) and double bass (Uli Wentzlaff Eggebert).

The last piece on the album is a surprise, featuring  Queen P. Maybe you have never before heard of a combination: classic meets rap.

Esthavida’ s special gift is the simultaneous improvising and composing, with which she creates new music in a moment. This is an outflow of her inner spring of endless creativity. Her music is spontaneously clear and sparkling, as inspired by heaven.

Esthavida is not afraid of taking risks and using dissonants in her free improvisation. She enjoys the shifts between the minor and the major, and likens them to life's  ups-and-downs.

Her improvising skills are surprising and free: just in moments, she ‘downloads’ the music from her spiritual mind. As she plays, she paints with sounds, colours pictures for your mind, and sends messages through her music that are impossible to translate into words.

Esthavida plays as if writing musical letters, or musical poems, for your heart. She also enjoys to sing with her own language and to create musical conversations with other musicians on stage. Her style is unique, as she combines classical elements with liberal jazzy elements.


Esthavida invites you to a musical and spiritual journey, while listening to her album.. A journey of travelling into your heart. Are you ready to take off?

You are welcome to make your order now!

The costs for the album are € 17,50 (20,00 $). For orders please contact order@esthavida.com



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