Biography Esthavida 

Esthavida (Gila Buck, 1978) was born in 1978 in a musical German family in Ulm, Bavaria. Throughout her childhood, she loved to listen to the great classical composers, such as Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Vivaldi and Chopin. However, she also grew up surrounded by typical bavarian country music.  One thing was sure: music was always in her mind.

Her musical development started at the age of 5, as she played a xylophone and a recorder in various ensembles. At the age of nine, she fell in love with the organ. Already then, she touched especially the heart of her grandfather, every time she played the organ. After winning various competitions, the doors flung open for her musical career. She was involved at the Musikmesse Frankfurt and Switzerland.

After a life-changing backpacking trip through the United States in 1999, she found herself in the Netherlands studying hammond organ at Artez conservatory. Already at the age of 13, she had been writing a note in her  diary “maybe one day, I will study music in Enschede, NL”. That was 700 km away from her hometown, and the only city in Europe, in which you could study electronic organ at this time.   

During her hammond organ jazz study, she was discovered by a dutch concert pianist, Marius van Paassen. In a very short time, she took the entrance exam in order to study piano, as well. Actually, this was the first time, she played piano. Her dream to build a bridge between the classical and jazz came true, as she was the only student studying both at the same time. Throughout the five years of hard work, playing six hours a day and taking composition lessons from the modern composer David Rowland, she kept on developing her musical skills to the highest level.

When discussing the music of 20th century composers in her temporary music class, it did not make any sense to her. Even in her free improvisations, she always likes to keep the melodious current alive. For her, it is important to make her music understandable, although she is not afraid to use dissonances.

While studying the classical piano, Esthavida loved to play Bach, Schubert and Brahms' expressive Rhapsody opus 79 no.2. At the same time, she performed with her hammond organ, jazz trio music of Larry Goldings, the Musician of Chick Corea and gospel numbers.During her final exams she released her compositions ‘Sela’ and ‘ Life changes quickly’ , a  swinging jazz number with an unexpected ending in the baroque style. It describes her life-changing experiences during her trip through the States, as she kept on reading the Book of books.


After a difficult  time in her life, in which she could not play music at all, she unexpectedly received her gift to freely improvise on Easter Sunday, 2014. Now, her good and the heavy life experiences, are turned into music. This causes her improvisations to have a lived through emotional depth. This is how Esthavida is able to touch hearts in hopeless times, in grief or in illness. She can identify with people facing hard times in life. But she can also show that through these experiences, you can attain spiritual growth and to become the person you are meant to be.


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