About Esthavida

‘We are all pencils in the hand of God, who is writing love letters to the world’ (Mother Theresa).

Esthavida is unique as a pianist and as an improvising composer. With her anointed musical gift, she can touch hearts with even a single note. A friend of hers has called her ‘David with the gracefulness of Esther’. By combining both of these biblical characters, the name Esthavida was created. In Spanish, 'vida' means life.

The mission of Esthavida is to touch the hearts of her audience, in order to bring healing and freedom to them through her music. In a way, her music is a reflection of the openness, warmth and spontaneity of her personality. As Esthavida comes to share her gift, she brings light, hope and joy. She loves to inspire people to live life at the fullest.  As she begins to play, the atmosphere changes, a connection between her and the audience is established, and the emotions of the listeners are translated spontaneously into poetic music. In concerts, she regularly asks her audience to share their personal feelings, and prepares them for a life-changing healing experience.

From a very young age, Esthavida loved to listen and to play music. What she also loved, was to fill her diary with all the colours of emotions. Soon, she felt at home on stage, winning different competitions, which opened the door for her musical career. In 1999, she moved to the Netherlands to study hammond organ at the Artez conservatory. There, she was discovered by a Dutch concert pianist. Shortly after that, she did the entry exams to study piano, as well. Soon, she began to compose with her own caracteristic style, by combining jazz with classical elements.

Now, Esthavida is mastering free improvisation, adding various rich colours of intense emotions to reach the deep parts of your heart. With Esthavida's words, her applauses are the tears of the audience.

She likes to perform and improvise live on stage with other musicians, such as Ardie Son (cello) Andre Kerver (Orkest van het Oosten, clarinet) and Uli Wentzlaff – Eggebert (bass).

Esthavida's spontaneous improvisations, as well as improvised compositions, are unique and surprising, and could be likened to a bridge between the heaven and the earth. This is particularly true, when she begins to sing spontaneously in her own language. It is like painting with sounds. Esthavida writes musical letters from her heart to yours…. Allow your heart be touched.

When the words end, the music begins




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